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By David Snowdon, Aug 17 2015 11:29AM

Richmond Unchained (the highly recommended[!!!] book by Luke G Williams) has just been published.

Deeply researched, and written in an erudite and accessible style, this heavyweight contender is available from the usual mainstream outlets.

By David Snowdon, Jul 22 2015 10:40AM

In August, two major pugilistic events of note: 1) Publication of Richmond Unchained by Luke G Williams; 2) Unveiling of portrait / book launch event at the Tom Cribb pub, central London -- Details

By David Snowdon, Jun 13 2015 10:06PM

Check out the upcoming Summer issue of The Historian for fascinating articles revolving around the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

Sporting and military history collide in my article: 'Waterloo's Prizefight Factor: Pierce Egan Celebrates the Boxiana Touch as Napoleon is Floored'.

By David Snowdon, May 11 2015 12:03PM

John Gully: Champion #prizefighter. He went on to be victorious Liberal MP (1830s). He commanded one's election vote.

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