Pierce Egan (c. 1772-1849)

Regency Pugilistic and Metropolitan Writer

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'A LIKENESS of PIERCE EGAN, in his UPPER STORY, asking HIMSELF a FEW QUESTIONS. Drawn by GEORGE SHARPLES [1821]’. (Egan’s Life in London, and Sporting Guide, 1824).

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Website Author: DAVID SNOWDON


'Writing the Prizefight' WON the prestigious 2014 BSSH Aberdare Literary Prize for Sports History.


Review: 'An illuminating, intelligent read'

A website with an academic and light-hearted blend, looking at the work of Pierce Egan, his Georgian contemporaries, and more recent sports writing / commentary that evokes his spirit.

In short, all things EGANESQUE. [** Award-Winning Book **]

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Topics include: Sports-Writing; British Patriotism; Napoleonic Battlefields (Waterloo); Dickens, Hazlitt, & Byron; City/Pugilistic Slang; Metropolitan Life of 'the Fancy'; Gambling; Challengers to the 'English Championship'; The Spectacle and Theatricality of Egan's Commentaries.


'Snowdon’s Writing the Prizefight is sports history of a high order'.

(Journal of Sports History)